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This is a display service of two Nude female models, aged 20 to 30 years old, who are available to be hired to be seen but not touched by anyone, for those wanting to absorb the pleasure of seeing, examining and photographing closely naked female flesh (serviced only in London at present).

These girls will attend with business customers who will 'interview' the girls at work - possibly pretending to other staff perhaps that they are attending interviews for work. One of the girls will then check that the man has really booked them and that he has his camera ready.

Your cameras can be used to take any photos of either of the girls' bodies provided it is understand that you and they are prohibited from posting or causing to be posted any images anywhere on the Internet, as it would tend to spoil the experience for later customers.

You can use such images only for your own personal memories and pleasure.

The two performers will get entirely naked and show their bodies and body-parts from every angle to the watchers, and will each play with herself and with each other.

This will allow the girls to express themselves in a safe environment and give those viewing their nudity a safe way to enjoy the view in a non-contentions method that does not rely on the Internet and non-meetable girls often from somewhere abroad.

The cost of this service is just a reasonable amount considering the involvement of two girls and their travel and personal security - contact us to make a selection (race, skin colour, nationality, looks and sizes} and a booking - and agree the terms for non-copying of images. We will send you illustrative photographs and arrange a convenient time for the meeting with the girls at your own offices.

The cost of this service is 2,000 plus VAT

You are welcome to invite one. two or even three colleagues to join you watching the girls which will help you spread the costs. Telephone our office on 07739 259247

This service is not advertised with our own photographs as we believe the use of photographs tends to demean the vibrant interest of a live showing.

This is not a prostitution service - no sexual services are ever offered whatsoever. We only provide a display service for voyeurs. The service is totally legal and no-one gets harmed by anything going on here.

This is not sleazy, it is intended as an up-market display service of young female models to men who are old enough to appreciate you paying for the viewing-only of young females for their visual pleasure.

It will create a series of memories that cannot be surpassed and will make the workday more fulfilling.